10 Straight SEC Games could be fun

It is August 28th, I am sitting here at my desk waiting on some estimates to help work through some issues on a contract.  It’s been a long week and long year.  I really wish I was out doing something else, but I am grateful to have the work as many others do not.  Many of you might know that I have been engaged in battle with the raccoons of Memorial Park in 5 Points since the Spring.  My home has undergone renovations and the raccoons kept coming in to eat cat food for our outdoor cat which keeps rodents away.  The battle has been a fun distraction at times, but to be honest I am not sure who is going to win.  Just when I thought I had them beat, the other night one just walked right in our brand-new cat door down and started eating in our unfinished basement.  So, the picture above with Georgia memorabilia and “Creature Comforts” hand sanitizer seemed to a good one for this post.  A weird year and who knows what is going to happen next. 

What we all hope happens in about 30 days is a college football season.  We also hope for high school sports and more, but this post is about Georgia football so we will focus on that topic.  As you know, the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are attempting to play.  The SEC is having a 10-game schedule with only SEC games.  If they pull it off it will be a lot of fun.  However, we all know what is coming in a week or so and that is an announcement of MORE CASES.  I for one am not worried for these students because I believe they are not at much risk, but I am worried for how we react to the news.  Hopefully, we will keep our heads and manage through. 

Here are my thoughts or predictions on the season.  Keep in mind, I am not Chip Towers, Jeff Dantzler, or the SEC hating Danny Kanell.  I am a fan and I am biased, and I do not apologize for it.  Now as I gaze at the schedule through my red and black lenses here is what I see:

Week 1- Georgia at Arkansas

Georgia benefited from the extra two games.  They picked up Mississippi State and Arkansas vs LSU and A & M.  It should be fun to see Sam Pittman coaching on the other side and it should be fun to see Georgia’s defense destroy Felipe Franks again but this time wearing cardinal red for the Hogs.  Georgia will win this one big because no one will know what they run offensively.  I think ARK gets some points. 

Georgia 42 AR-Kansas 10

Week 2- Auburn at Georgia

This will be a trendy upset pick as will the Tennessee game.  I do worry about Georgia’s offense and a lack of a home field advantage because of the fans.  But when I don’t know what to do, I usually just bet against Gus Malzahn.  A little closer game and maybe not high scoring. 

Georgia 21 Auburn 17

Week 3- Tennessee at Arkansas

The only team I want to beat worse than Tennessee right now is Florida.  The arrogance of their fans has been something to behold.  The have barely been relevant for 15 years now and they think landing a couple 3- and 4-star recruits is the return to greatness.  Not to mention the Cade Mays debacle.  The poor kid took advice from two fat rednecks when he transferred, and I am not surprised he may have to sit out.  Georgia rolls in this one. 

Georgia 42 Tennessee 17

Week 4- Georgia at Alabama

Glad to see this one gets moved back a little and it might end up being played at night in Tuscaloosa if CBS likes to make money.  I really think Georgia can win in Tuscaloosa this year.  I expect another hard-fought physical game, but I think it’s hard to beat a good team at home even without a crowd.

24 Georgia 23 (DAMNATION!)

Week 5 – Georgia at Kentucky

There will not be time to rebound from the last three weeks and this one will be tough.  Tougher than expected by most fans.  I think it’s a nail biter with Georgia squeaking by Kentucky. 

Georgia 31 Kentucky 27

Week 5- All Hallows Eve


Week 6- Georgia vs Florida in Jax

I said it earlier, so you know that I want to see Georgia win big.  There really hasn’t been an era of Florida football that I have respected even when there were great. They are just so easy to hate.  I have been surprised by the goober Dan Mullen with all his added vinegar into this rivalry. Florida became spoiled for 15 years and they think they are entitled to what they had, but that’s not the case.  Florida barely had a trophy case before Spurrier came to town in the 90s, but they think they are Alabama.  Mullen will lose this one again.  I expect Newman and our offense to have somethings going well by this point. 

Georgia 35 Florida 17

Week 7- Georgia at Missouri

I don’t know what to expect from Mizz this year and it could be trendy upset pick, but I think Georgia has way too much for them and they roll them over. 

Georgia 34 Missouri 10

Week 8- Miss State at Georgia

How much fun is Mike Leach going to be this year?  I can’t wait for this guy to have pressers all year.  Going to be fun to watch.  I thought hard about picking this one as an upset.  A new offense with a new coach etc.  I could also see a two-way tie in the SEC East due to the schedules.  But my gut says Georgia wins it with a lot of points.  

Georgia 52 Miss State 21

Week 9 Georgia at South Carolina

Big time payback coming from a team starting to hit their stride. 

Georgia 42 South Carolina 7

Week 10 Georgia at Vandy

I think if Vandy could opt out they would, but I just hope we get to this game amd it gets played because if it does that means the world might just be alright.  Georgia wins it big.  No score predicted

SEC Championship

I could see a two-way tie with a tie breaker, but I think Georgia is good enough to repeat the formula of the last several years.  And who will they be facing but none other than the dreaded Bama a.k.a. Darth Vader.  You know how I mentioned that it’s hard to beat a good team twice?  It’s true and that’s why losing to Bama on the road isn’t a bad thing.  I think if this game gets played it will be the first win over Saban for Kirby Smart.  And I think it could be by 10 or more points.  I really do.   I just hope that after Georgia wins, they don’t put Bama in the playoff.

I kind of think if the season happens that Georgia will probably win it all.  It would be the most Georgia thing ever.  People will put an asterisk by it and so forth.  The Big 10 won’t acknowledge it either but who cares.  The SEC Champion will have played the most challenging schedule in NCAA history. So, if an SEC team wins it all I think it could be the greatest championship in history.