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Preseason Predictions | Georgia Football 2023

Well, it is that time of year again when the temperature gets hot here in Athens, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of cooler air and Georgia football. If you’re reading this, then you have probably read some of my posts in the past.  I am big fan of Georgia football as are many of our realtors at our company, 5Market Realty. 

Top Ten Moments in the Smart Era

As of late, Georgia fans have been blessed to watch their team experience so much success. There have been so many big plays that it was hard to pick just 10 moments and then rank them accordingly.  While some of you will disagree, that’s the fun part.   Feel free to tell me where I got it wrong, but listed below are the Top 10 moments in my view.

Kirby Smart’s Impact on the SEC

It has been six years since Kirby Smart became Georgia’s head coach, and by all accounts, it has been a successful hire. Nevertheless, people fail to see just how much he has affected other programs around the conference. For years now, people have talked about Nick Saban and his influence on college football. While Saban is without a doubt the best, I think people should pay attention to Kirby Smart and the impact he has made in the SEC

Georgia Football: Pre-Season Predictions and Prognostications-2021

Like most of you, I was very excited to see Clemson go on the schedule.  As a fan, it is always fun to start with a big game.  While I wish it was in Athens, I am just glad they are playing, and I remain optimistic for full stadiums.  Over the first week of the season, this game will command most of the attention in college football.  It is a big stage for both programs who used to play each much more frequently, but now it seems like a special occasion.

Should We Be Excited or Concerned with SEC Expansion?

Sometimes it is good to talk about things outside of real estate and last week an atomic bomb was dropped on the world of college football. Oklahoma and Texas are now likely to move to the SEC, and the fallout from this bomb will cover the entire landscape of college football.

Despite What You’ve Heard, It Isn’t Championship or Bust for Bulldog Fans in 2021

I am a lifelong Georgia fan, and I was born in March of 1981 shortly after the Bulldogs won their last national championship in the Sugar Bowl. Since then, the Bulldogs have had some close calls with another outright title in 1981, 1982, 1984, 2002, 2007, 2012 and the most recent heart break of the 2018 national championship game.

Be a Proud Bulldog in a Pandemic

First, let me say how grateful I am that there was a college football season. It is one of the few sports that I am truly passionate about. Years ago, my wife told me I could either be a Bulldog fan or a Falcon fan, but I couldn’t be both. She said there was no way she could let me ruin a Saturday and a Sunday if both teams lost. I like the Braves, but I don’t love them. I don’t follow the NBA at all anymore, and as a Georgia fan college basketball just isn’t much fun. What I can’t believe is how hard so many people worked and sacrificed so that these kids could compete and have a chance to fulfill dreams while also entertaining us. That leads me to my overall thoughts on the Georgia Football Program which is overwhelming pride.

GEORGIA FOOTBALL: Week one is in the Books & Here comes Auburn

Thankfully, the Georgia Bulldogs have a game played and a “W” in the win column, but the first two quarters were hard to watch. Even so, I was grateful for them. I feel like I missed a lot during the game due to cooking ribs and parenting. But watching it again always helps to understand a little more. As I mentioned in my last post, upsets are likely to be abundant and offense may be hard to find and for the most part last weekend didn’t disappoint. Mississippi State wins over LSU with tons of offense and Oklahoma fell to Kansas State with almost no defense.

SEC Footbal This Year: Expect the Unexpected

f you are reading this, there is a chance you might have read my last two posts on Georgia football. I wrote one in late July and one in early August. Both were optimistic outlooks on the season. In one case, I was just hoping they would play at all and in the other I was focused on a new all SEC schedule. My predictions were definitely done through “Bulldog Lenses “. I thought today would be a good time to be a little more realistic about the upcoming season. Let’s be honest with each other and admit we really don’t know what to expect. In July, we didn’t think there would be a season. In August, we learned the Big Ten and Pac 12 wouldn’t play. And in September we learned that Jamie Newman wasn’t playing either.

10 Straight SEC Games could be fun

It is August 28th, I am sitting here at my desk waiting on some estimates to help work through some issues on a contract.  It’s been a long week and long year.  I really wish I was out doing something else, but I am grateful to have the work as many others do not.  Many … Read More